Problem playing blu ray rips with the new firmware 1.04.17_V

before the update to the new firmware 1.04.17_V all my blu rays files were working fine ,now with the new update firmware when i try to play one of my blu rays rips the WD only play the main menu of the blu ray rip and i can`t rewind or forward the video,and when i try to go back to the main menu of the WD,WD freeze for like 30 seconds,anyone knows how to fix this problem?

First, try a reset. Press the reset button, then go into the setup menu and select to restore to factory defaults (warning: you will have to enter your setup information again). If that doesn’t work, downgrade to the previous firmware version that worked for you. I had to downgrade to 1.03.49 to fix the stuttering isses that I was having.

thank you scandy i will try to do that tonight when i get home.

well Scandy i did what you told me and  still  the same problem,i downgrade to the previous firmware but now i have problems playing the mkv files,i had to do the firmware update again,i can`t even play blu ray iso files,this a real big bug from the new firmware.