Problem - no continuous iphone app track playback os5 ios15

HI: I finally upgraded my MyCloud Home single bay device to os5. I noticed when using the MyCloud apple IoS app (phone is on ios 15) that when playing music tracks continuously, there is a bug. If the phone’s screen is still on/not locked, when the icon for continous play is selected, the following track in a folder will play. However, after the phone’s screen goes off/auto-lock, the tracks will not play continuously. A couple of seraches in the Community search box made me think this issue has been simmering in earlier versions. If others also have the issue (no continous after Ios phone autolocks), do we think there will be a fix soon, or is there a workaround? Thanks!


The My Cloud Home does not use OS5. Do you know what you own?

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Thanks for your message. My apologies it’s a single bay white MyCloud 3TB that looks like this, now upgraded to OS5:

You should go to the WD community and post your topic under the OS5 sub-forum for the, My Cloud. You can search the Knowledge Base too. I don’t use any Apple devices at this time.