Playback music issue

I upgraded Os3 to Os5 last week and I am having difficulty with audio playback issue on my iphone 13.
Under Os3, I did not encountered any problem and under the setting, there is a selection for the audio playback button.

Now, Os 5 did not have it and I am getting frustrated pressing 'play" button after each song.

Please help!

Hi @winlay1,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I am having the same problem but only when using my iPhone which is running IOS 15. I have another iPhone running IOS 14.8 and this iPhone works fine with OS5 as does my iPad.
I have been told by an Apple senior tech that My Cloud OS 5 will have to be updated due to changes in IOS 15.
I have contacted Western Digital and made them aware of this issue so hopefully it will be resolved.
Initially when IOS15 was released Apple Music and Spotify had similar problems but I believe these apps have been upgraded to resolve the issue.
My issue occurs when I try to multitask on my iPhone while music is playing or when the iPhone self locks. The track that is playing will finish but the next track will not play automatically, I have to hit play at the start of every track after unlocking the iPhone.

Thank you, Frank. I am glad to know you informed WD about this. Crossing my fingers for the solution since it was cumbersome for me to unlock the phone and hit “play”.

Are you running IOS15?

Been in touch with WD on many occasions about this issue but I appear to be banging my head against a brick wall. I have uploaded logs to them from a working iPhone running IOS 14.8 and an iPhone running IOS 15.2 which is the iPhone with the problem.
WD insist in me telling them what windows system I am running and what my home setup is. I really do not understand why this is relevant as we are talking about a NAS which does not run through a computer.
Looking back on some of the posts on here this issue has been raised before when a major upgrade has been released by Apple for IOS devices and eventually WD realised that the would have to update My Cloud to be compatible with the updated IOS version.
On my latest discussions I have told WD that I will not be sending them anymore info as they have already been given all the info they need. I have also asked them why they cannot replicate the issue by installing My Cloud OS 5 on an iPhone running IOS 15. As yet I have not had a reply. I can only hope that an update for OS 5 is issued soon as I am at my wits end with Western Digital and I may have to look for a different system to stream my music.

I understand your frustration but in this instance I think the path of least resistance would have been to tell them what version of Windows you are using and what computer/router you have! After that, they have no further reason to string you along while they drink coffee!

The problem clearly is the fact that the My Cloud App requires an update.
As I pointed more than once my other iPhone running IOS 14.8 and MY Cloud OS 5 does not exhibit these problems and works as it should.
The tech on the phone from WD actually said that when Apple do major updates they often have to tweak their apps to be compatible.
Now they are asking for a bundle of information which is totally irrelevant.
One of the selling points of a My Cloud as stated by WD is that you do not have to have a computer to use this system.
Why would knowing my version of Windows, my router type, as they say my Topology???, and my logs from my My Cloud EX2 Ultra solve anything.
As I already said they could replicate the problem very easily.

The problem is the playback. Apple IOS version update almost every month and hopefully WD can keep up with it. I have been WD customer for many years and now I might have to seek different Cloud system for my music because of the frustration.

Please work with developers for the playback issue in updated IOS.

Finally WD appear to have sorted out this problem with the latest update after I badgered them for so long.
My faith is restored and all is working well.
Music now plays continuously on my iPhone running IOS 15.3.
Thank you Western Digital.

Thank you, Frank.

Yayy WD finally listened to our needs. High5!

Yes, it worked when I was testing it this morning.
Make sure you update the latest WD version in order to play it seamlessly on IOS.