Prev/Next in MKV movie with chapters

I noticed last night that in an MKV movie with chapters the Next/Prev funciton did not appear to skip to the next and previous chapter as I would expect, rather it jumped to the next file in the directory I was in.  Is there something wrong with my file or is this just not a feature for an MKV.

I was able to access and change the chapters via the options menu.

I just got my WD TV Live and noticed that too.

Have a look at the manual, page 25. It says clearly that this is by design which, AFAIC, is fair enough, since chapter selection can be done through the options.


But now I see that on page 36 the manual claims that the and buttons should go to the next or previous chapter when watching a video format that supports chapters.

This just isn’t true, it doesn’t do that.

Maybe this deserves a support request.


i also noticed it lacking on mine, but wasn’t sure if it was just the video files i was watching.

doesn’t work with ISO or MKV files.

the whole FF, RW and NEXT, BACK functions need some work/attention by WDTV and hopefully they work on them in future firmware updates.  i mean hitting FF and then NEXT on the remote and having it jump forward 10min does me no good, i need it to jump to the next chapter or go back to the last chapter etc.

so does the WDTV LIVE support chapters in .mkv (x264) files?

i’m currently watching a .mkv movie and when i hit NEXT, it jumps to the end of the movie, am i doing something wrong?