Revisiting MKV Chapters

I know that this has been brought up several times before, but seriously - why the heck hasn’t the issue of not being able to use the next and previous button to skip through MKV chapters been addressed. I saw some queries about this over two years ago and it appears that it hasn’t even been considered.

Is it too difficult to implement, or do WD seriously think that people would like to use the next button to skip through movies and not chapters. Absolute insanity!

Presumably WD staff monitor this board and can provide some advice as to whether this will even be considered?


This is exactly the reason why I came here and registered - to post an entry in which I wanted to claim the skip next & last buttons for skipping between MKV-chapters. I would be very glad if this would be addressed.

Chapters have no use for me if using them means to go through menu hierarchy to chose the one that I want especially because the current chapter hasn’t the focus and you must go from top to the desired chapter.

As things are now I rather use the go-to-time feature to skip to the desired time point in the film.

Excuses for my bad English - I am German …



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I  have to add a vote to that.

I just don’t see the problem, at least I’ve not had it explained to me.  It’s not as if this is something the player can’t do - the fact that it’s capable through the menu system showsn that the player can access chapters.

Why not free up the left & right buttons (from the 4 left/right/up/down direction controllers) to use for this whilst a video file is playing?

How difficult could it be?

Steve W

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Pecker wrote:

I  have to add a vote to that.

And you can, in the ideas section.

Following the above selection from Techflaws, someone has kindly started a thread in the new ideas section, regarding this idea. Please add your support to it, by clicking on the Kudos arrow in this thread…

I think this is the only way the WD will take notice of this request. The WDTV is a fantastic product, but for some unknown reason common sense has eluded them here.

**Note: you will have to register to click your support. Even if you only join for that purpose, it will be worthwhile…hopefully**