Pre-sales: iTunes and NFS?

I’m in the market for a NAS and the price on the My Book Live is really tempting. The main use I’ll put it to is to serve mp3’s to a Roku Soundbridge and video to a Popcorn Hour (A-110).

The Soundbridge requires a DAAP server and before I had been running mt-daapd/firefly and later forked-daapd from my desktop. I’m a little worried after browsing this forum as it seems that the iTunes server on MBL is broken. Is this still the case, or has anybody had success streaming to iTunes or a Soundbridge?

I’ve also been running MyIHome on a desktop to serve video to the Popcorn Hour. It can also connect to Samba or NFS shares. IIRC Twonky may even be able to serve to it. In any event, I just want to verify that even if the media server won’t work, I can at least use the NFS share.

Thanks for any advice!

The iTunes server is broken with ITUNES, probably because of the change Apple made in 10.5 (whatever change it might be.)

If all you need is a functional mt-daap, then you should be fine.

Thanks for the response, I guess not a lot of PCH users here. I may give it a shot. :smiley:

NFS access is limited to public share only