PR4100 Mysteriously Changed IP address?

I’ve had my PR4100 for 2 days now. Been transferring all my files off my old NAS to it.
This morning I lost internet access and rebooted the Verizon equipment and my router.
The internet came back but I had no connection to the PR4100 on my network. My router has assigned it via DHCP the day before.

When it wasn’t working I checked connected devices on my router and it showed the PR4100 with IP I restarted the PR4100 from the power button on the front of the unit and now it has the correct IP of Very strange? My PR4100 is NAS3.

there is nothing mysterious about that. you rebooted the router. when this is done the DHCP server may assign different IP addresses to devices on the network.

I would suggest mapping the shares by using the server name. the default name of the PR4100 is “MyCloudPR4100” you can map using the name instead of the Ip and if the IP changes it will not break your mappings.