PR4100 HDD Limits?

I’m picking up the PR4100 and have priced out drives. I’ve looked all over for supported HDD’s and cant find a list. Product says up to 40 tera, but I would like to put 3 WD 12tb Gold drives, with a forth to install later down the road all on a RAID 5. Will the PR4100 be able to utilize all 48tb, or will it cut off the last 4tb and leave me with only 40?

The 12 TB disks will work fine.

But due to an old version of e2fsprogs, you won’t be able to resize your ext4 volume.
So you won’t be able to increase the size of a single volume of 24TB usable (36TB raw).
The incoming 4th disk can be used as a separate volume, e.g. as backup.

Hi TFL and DedKendy,

I’m not finding too many people discussing this topic.

I found the same information as DedKendy, but only in one place. However, this link now allows your to purchase a NAS with 14TB total.

I’m about to purchase 4 x 16TB drives, in hopes of creating a NAS suitable to do Raid 1 of 32 TB each.