PR4100 4 disk RAID5 extend from 4x4TB to 4x10TB


Have anybody extended your RAID5 on a PR4100 from smaller disks to something like 10TB or larger? I’ve tried to get an answer if this is even possible, with no luck. I opened a ticket to the WD Support two weeks ago I think but no response yet. The thing is that I’ve read somewhere that there is some kind of limit at 16TB volume, which might put a stopper to my plans of expanding my 4x4TB to 4x10TB. One crucial thing is that I need my data to be intact, so just insert 4 new drives and initiate a new RAID5 is not an option. What is your experience around this?

// Robert


You could refer to the following link:

Hi! Thank you for your answer.

I’ve seen that link but it doesn’t really answer what I am really worried about. Have a look at this post in the forums. It’s old but I cannot see that anyone have concluded that it actually works at any point. The problem they are talking about is a really old resize2fs on the pr4100. According to the Ubuntu forum that is referred to in that thread, resize2fs needs to be at version 1.43 or later to be able to extend a volume beyond 16TB. I have a PR4100 with the latest firmware and my resize2fs is still at v1.42.9 - from Dec 28, 2013!

I would very much like to know if I can extend my current volume by replacing all the disks AND keeping everything on it. Maybe it’s not an issue anymore, I don’t know but I would like to know before a buy 4x10TB disks.

// Robert