Max storage capacity on PR4100


I’ve read conflicting reports about how much storage my PR-4100 can deal with. Does the year it was built make a difference? I bought it back in 2016, and back then I believe it said something about a max capacity of 24TB. It has the 1.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Pentium N3710 processor & 4 GB DDR3L ram. Nowadays WD says that it can cope with up to 40TB. I checked amazon, and it seems like it’s still the same model, but I could equip it with 40TB of storage. Can anybody help me please?


Brilliant, thanks so much for your help.

Can it handle more than 40 TB though? I want to buy this unit, but I really need more space. If I bought four WD Red 12 TB drives and put them in there, what would happen?

I have 4 12 Tb WD’s in May PR4100 in a Raid 5. I have also tried raid 0 and Raid 10 with no problems.