PR4100 Firmware update to 2.31.193 SSH issue

After the firmware update I can no longer access the device thru SSH like I have been for the last year and a half. I have turned off SSH and rebooted, then turned it back on and set a new password, nothing works. When trying to log in with root and the password (changed it 3 times now to see if it doesn’t like certain passwords), Putty and WinSCP both do the same thing, access denied.

@kreagan “root” has been replaced with the alias “sshd”

Access Denied when SSH Login to a My Cloud

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Changing the user to sshd did work. Thanks.

Is there any option to get the root back? or they just locked it? :frowning:

Maybe support will chime back in but sshd is working just fine and seems to have just as many rights as root did.

If you don’t want to modify your remote backup locations, you can ssh (with user sshd) into your PRx100 and do

sed -i "s/sshd/sshd root/" /etc/ssh/sshd_config
kill -HUP $(pidof sshd)

This change is lost on reboot though. Several ways to get around that.

Hi SBrown,

I was able to download the firmware 2.31.193 for the PR4100. However, it is removed from the site and replaced with the old one, 2.31.183.


Here is the link:

Can you tell me what’s going on?


@cono the removal of 2.31.193 from the support site for manual download was intentional.

Why does the download page reference the wrong product, DL2100? And why is 2.31.183 left active despite widely known security holes?

@scb99 Thanks for pointed that out. We’ll get it fixed.