PR4100 adding two new drives

Hi. I’ve been running a pair of 6TB WD Red drives in my PR4100 since i got it, and have left the other two bays empty. In that configuration all is fine. I’ve just bought 2x 8TB WD Red drives for the empty bays, and i’m getting a solid red light on the new drives. In the my cloud control panel under Disk Status, it’s just saying please wait (i’ve waited an hour) and giving no info on the newly installed disks. The original two drives are set as a RAID 1 and still work fine. Any ideas why the two new drives are not working/showing?

I can now see the drives in Storage/Disk Status and all four are showing as good. I have also done a quick drive test in Settings/utilities/disk test and all four drives show as ‘passed’. I still however have solid red lights on the new drives and in Settings/utilities/system test I get exclamation marks against Disk 3 and Disk 4.

Hi darrenharbar,

My Cloud PR4100 supports dual RAID setup and it is required to select RAID mode for newly added drives. For more information you may contact our support team for further assistance.