PR4100 Acceptable Remote Shutdown & SAMBA Cessation

Happy New Year,

As a newbie I’m looking for an accepted method of remotely shutting down my SAN. The old /sbin/shutdown no longer exists under OS 5 and sbin/poweroff accumulatively looks to cause harmful consequences by simply serving the power source. The notification warning upon reload was: Power supply 1 failed. Check the power supply. Code:1022). I to (thx rac8006) found and ran /usr/sbin/ without any apparant side effects although identifying the associated /var/log/ messages still remains a challange?

I’m also looking to avoid having to “kill” samba, preferring to rely on iscsi, but alas /CacheVolume/user-start has also bitten the dust. (Again thx to Bennor & rac8006). Is there a way of prohibiting samba startup under OS 5?

My PR4100’;s currently running Firmware Version : 5.08.115.

Advice and guidance much appreciated…

Thanks in anticipation.