Port Forwarding


Not sure I’m a fan of opening port forwarding for any WWW IP, is it possible to bolt this down to forwarding only from known IPs. Does access all come via WD, the remote (static) IP I am accessing from or both.

If its WD does anyone know the range




See if this will help.

How to enable port forwarding on a network router for use with a WD My Cloud, My Book Live, or My Book Live Duo 

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Thanks - it does, but…

I may be barking up the wrong tree but I want to bolt this down.  I want to allow access from known external IPs and remain stealth to everyone else. I dont want some script kid banging away on my firewall just because he/she can see a port open. 

So I guess my query is, does the Mycloud work by direct IP access (ie my static remote IP) or does port forwarding still need to go via WD and I need to allow their IP range?

Might have another question if it goes via WD… :slight_smile: how much of my data can they sniff, if they can its not really mycloud is it :slight_smile:


Just in case anyone was wondering the same thing found this …