How to port forward WD?

So i was trying to set up port forward for WD My cloud. My router alrready has DDNS set up. When i go to WD Settings to enable remote access and change the port the connection files. Is there any prefered port of something that should be set up in order for me to access WD remotely?

I dont want to access My cloud via the my cloud app, i want to access the folders inorder to automate the back up process.


The easy bit:

In your dashboard, go to Settings/General, click on the Configure link under Cloud Access.

Click on the Manual tab, and enter port 80 in the first box, and 443 in the second, these may be filled in already. Then click on Save.

The hard bit:

Open ports 80 and 443 on your router to all traffic. This is router specific and you’ll need to refer to your router manual, although there’s plenty of info available if you do a Google search for “port forwarding” and include your router model in the search box.

Hope this helps, if only a little.

PS I love my My Cloud too, it does everything I want, although it took a firmware rollback and a lot of patience to get there! :-) 

I had done all this, but My Cloud is always having problem connection, It says  "Connected (Relay connection established) 

Port forwarding failed to connect on port 80 and port 443." I have set up 4 other port forwarding and all of them work.

Try rebooting your NAS after having setup the port forwarding both on the router and on the NAS UI.

Well Https port works but http port dosnt work which is fine. But i see that its redirecting me to Web Ui and not to the folders. Is there a way i can connect to WD folders remotely?

Which external port do you forward to the port 80? Try to forward external port 8080 to the NAS port 80, and external port 8443 to the NAS port 80. Make corresponding changes in the NAS UI and reboot the NAS.

Also, in your router, look a the DHCP setting and assign an IP manually to the NAS (you can keep the same IP it has now, although some users recommend to assign a fixed IP address outside of teh DHCP range - routers should be able to take care of this)

Access, you should see your device there. The java applet should start, then you should see your shares and you can connect to them remotely.