Plugging in WD Elements kills all USB 3.0 ports on laptop

Last month, I bought a WD Elements 1TB. Since then, I haven’t used the drive until today. I plugged in the drive and it looked okay (windows 10 recognized the drive and it showed up in File Explorer) for first few seconds. After that about 10 seconds, all of the USB ports suddenly stopped working (my laptop Dell G7 has 3 ports and all of them are USB 3.0). Mouse didn’t work, the WD Elements disappeared from File Explorer. Another drive (Seagate BUP) didn’t disappear like the Elements but it is inaccessible (double-click the drive doesn’t show any file inside). Restarting the computer seemed to make the USB ports work again until the WD Elements is plugged. I tried doing that multiple times and I am pretty sure that the WD Elements caused this. However, it seems that the drive doesn’t have any problem with 2.0 port (I tested using other computer), only has issue with 3.0. Is there any way to fix this? My Seagate drive works fine with USB 3.0 while the Elements doesn’t.
P/s: it seems that if I plug the drive when the computer is off then turn it on, the drive work without any issue. It only has problem if it is plugged when the machine is on.

Hi vinhtq115,

Just try to format the drive and check if the issue still persist.

NOTE: Formatting is data destructive and cannot be undone.