WD elements working only on usb 2.0 port

hi all.
I got some yrs ago a wd elements 500gb PN. wdbuzg5000abk-05.
Since two weeks it works only on usb 2.0 ports or, alternatively, on usb-c port (using adaptor).
When connected to usb 3.0 port the led lights up and drive continuosly spins without flashing or stopping.
I tested other cables with no success.
I tested under Linux and Windows with no success.
Strange to say, when onnected to identical notebook (asus F556UJ) i get same issue; when connected to HP laptop 15-bs0xx it works . When connected to another notebook (Dell latitude) it does not work again).
I tried everything (unistall/install device, change power options, update drivers): no way.
Any hint welcome.

You can try updating your drivers when you go to the drive’s website (not Device Manager).

Is the drive recognized somewhere when connected to the USB 3.0 port?

In case it is recognized by Device Manager in some way, you can Uninstall it -> Unplug it -> reboot system -> plug it back in and wait to automatically reinstall drivers.

If these two does not work, then I guess you need to just borrow an external USB 3.0 drive from somebody and attach it to your system. In case the drive behaves the same way, then there may be something wrong with the port.

Port is working fine (other disks or usb 3.0 keys do work at superspeed).