Pls help me solve my problem

my external hard disk icon is not show on my computer. i have try serveral solution but it does’nt work. In the disk management i can see Disk 0, Disk 1( which is my external hard disk and it show unknown). any suggestion can help?

The information inside the external hard drive might be corrupted, you can try using a data recovery program like recuva or testdisk to recover your files. 

I think so but I don know how to do…Can further explain how to recover?

I have the same problem that mybook is not recognized anymore (It used to work fine).  Based on WD supporrt I removed the enclosure and directly connected the HDD through a docking station but still no success.  I also tried EaseUS recovery SW trial version but it does not see the drive.   Barring sending it to Data Recovery companies is there anything I can try. 

i ady download both software but not really know how to use…i only can recover my own computer drive © , how to recover the external hard disk? pls reply asap…tq

The external hard drive should appear as one of the options, if it doesn’t show then it’s not recognized. If you really need to recover your files, check the link below so you can contact a data recovery company.

 further explain for my problem the drive does not appear in My Computer. in the disk management i can see my own internal disk which is disk 0 and external disk (disk 1). And it show You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can acess it  but although i choose both MRB or GPT it does not work with a error " the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error".

I/O error means that the cable or the port is broken. Also choose GPT to reformat your drive. Try diff cable or port. Then initialize disk