Plex Update (1.32) on My Cloud Mirror (Gen 1)

Currently running a My Cloud Mirror (Gen 1) with Plex Media Server (1.26). For the most part it runs well, but only on my SmartTVs/Chromecasts. The issue with Plex is with my mobile devices, where the stream will just stop every 1-3 minutes.

Question 1: Has anyone manually installed Plex (1.32) from the Plex website on a Mirror Gen 1 before? If so, how is the experience?

My fear is uninstalling Plex (1.26) and installing (1.32) and it be worst than before. Then not being able to roll back to 1.26 :scream:

Question 2: Is there a way to extract the 1.26 install file from My Cloud Mirror so that If I do decide to install 1.32, and it ends up being worse, I could rollback to 1.26?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :pray:


Are you aware of this?
Support For My Cloud Changing - My Cloud OS 3 Personal & Network Attached Storage / My Cloud Mirror - WD Community

Yes I’m aware. Unfortunately My Cloud Mirror “Gen 1” is not compatible with OS5 and cannot be upgraded. First experience with buying a NAS and purchased Gen 1 that is now EOL, smh :poop: