Support For My Cloud Changing

We’ve developed a new OS to keep up with evolving security standards. Compatible devices must Upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 by January 15, 2022 . Incompatible devices will lose support on April 15, 2022.

Upgrade to an eligible device.

Das sehe ich genauso! Es ist eine Frechheit, das es ein Ablaufdatum für Eure Produkte gibt.
Kümmert Euch um eine Lösung!!!

I’d seen the complaints about issues with OS5, and was not planning to update unless absolutely forced. I guess this is it. Updated OS 2 days ago.
We’ll see how it goes.

Agree with you. Unacceptable.

Joe Taxpayer,
I’m in the same boat. I’ll also have to upgrade. So, I’m wondering what your experience has been so far, since it’s been about a month since you upgraded.

I use it to save and access files from my phone and ipad. No issues so far.
I haven’t loaded Plex yet, as I’ve gotten a larger NAS set up, a Synology with 8 drives. I have a 2 drive MyCloud EX2 Ultra. Still useful and easy to access remotely.

Thanks Joe. I also upgreaded. I’ve never really figured out how to use and NAS other than to store some movies and recipes on it, so I seem to be pretty unaffected by the upgrade.
I appreciate you sharing your experience.