Installing PLEX ( My Cloud Mirror)

Today I did receive an anouncement that Plex is available.

I own a WD My Cloud Mirror 8TB with almost 1TB free space, the latest firmware. At least it is what is says.

Trying to install the app, I dont go any further then just a few percent of the download, and it jumps back to the app screen.

Any suggestions what could be going on? Restarted nut no difference.

Thank you

I had the same issue when I tried it a little while ago.

Simplest solution is to download it from the site (go here then select NAS > WD > Download > MyCloud Mirror), save that file to your computer and then use the manual install link (just underneath the list on the install an app screen on the dashboard) to point the MCM at the file.

It should then upload it to the MCM and install it, then it will appear in the app list as normal and you can enable it and configure it from there.

The app does work, but from the quick trial I had it’s not that impressive as the MCM doesn’t really have the processor muscle to run it properly (I don’t think it’s up to transcoding or more strenuous activities like that), but your mileage may vary…