Plex old instructions no longer work firmware update removed apps

hi I am slow not super intelligent, but have 2 4tb drives cloud want to add my dvd collection to them so on prev downloads showed how to add PLEX prior to purchase, when I have them up and running and formware update the apps are not there??? so cannot add plex I am not a network engineer, I am a home user, and I find some instructions are given as if you are a techie expert, I am not I would like to add PLEX as I purchased a life membership on the fact THIS PRODUCT WAS SHOWING A SIMPLE WAY TO ADD IT TO THE DRIVES ! I was not of the knowledge that the firmware update has wiped out ALL the apps and the methods to activate or add I have seen are so technical I don’t really understand themcan someone do an idiots guide for me as my brain functions thanks to post-polio attacking my memory cells is rubbish and I get confused thank you for your attention, I am trying to add dvds to drives, so then wife a schoolteacher can eventually access them from school on wet days to entertain kids 7+ year olds

What My Cloud model do you have? The single bay My Cloud models (both 1st gen v4.x and 2nd gen v2.x firmware) DO NOT officially support Plex. Only the multi bay My Cloud models (Mirror and above) support Plex.

Unofficially, and absolutely not supported by WD, one can see the following discussion on adding Plex to the single bay 2nd gen My Cloud model.

See the following WD Support Knowledgebase article detailing the feature differences between the various My Cloud models including which models officially support third party apps like Plex:

I just purchased two refurb 4tb single drives to store my dvd collection thought I could just add them as I saw plex on a wd site assumed it was on it so purchased lifetime membership plex I struggle with instructions due to short term memory as I have something called post polio now so I tire easily

If you purchased the single bay My Cloud units they come with a simple media server called Twonky that will allow you to stream media to any DLNA client device (including certain SmartTV’s, Blue-Ray players, etc.). Sadly Plex is not officially supported by WD on the current line of single bay My Cloud devices.