Plex Disappeared

Plex (and everything else except Social Media/Cloud import) has disappeared from “Do More”. Support says that after the latest firmware update, I need to re-enable services like Plex, but they’re not even there as an option to turn on.

Anybody have any ideas?

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I am lately having a similar problem that for a few months after one of the upgrades the device looks like it is going to sleep mode or something that it takes time till it runs at it used to be … YET, much much slower.

Several times all apps disappear except the Social media, when I restart and wait for some time it shows back again. But it might be unstable and shows that cannot be enabled, after a while you will see your PLEX stuff, but the performance is terrible.

There’s another thread about Plex disappearing.

Near as I can figure, when the firmware update was pushed, Plex media server became available only under the owner/admin My Cloud login. Some people have moved all their content over to that login, but I’m still hoping they’ll fix the problem so I don’t have to waste all that time moving and remapping.

Support was no help. They want the device logs and a screenshot of the error. Logs won’t show anything, there is no error. Plex Media server was available for logins other than the owner before the update and not after. Seems simple, but frankly this WD product has been a big let down all around and this isn’t the first time an update broke Plex.

I am logged in as the owner/Admin, and it’s disappeared on mine…

Nothing else there…