Has Plex been turned off completely now?

A few days ago I threw a movie into my Plex folder and noticed on my TV that I can no longer access the Plex server. Then I went to the “do more” section and saw that the Plex app had completely disappeared. The Plex folder is still there, but the Plex app itself has completely disappeared and isn’t working. So I have a feeling that Plex support on the My Cloud Home has now been completely shut down. Do you also have the same problem or is it a one-time error with my cloud?

The My Cloud Home got a big software upgrade that essentially changed a lot of things under the hood and it affected Plex too, so usually it is needed to enable it manually again.

Though, some users are experiencing the same problem you are and normally that happens because the user is trying to enable Plex through a non-owner account. Then, the solution is to retry again through the owners account.

Same problem here, I opened a case with support but still they did not fix it till now, … PLEX service is corrupted and couldn’t see it in apps list.

I believe it is a bug in their last update but they couldn’t find it yet.

Let us wait and see.

Thx, it actually was the case that only the owner account had the opportunity to activate Plex. Idk why they changed that, its kinda weird decision to be honest, but it works

Have the same issue but I am the account owner, I only have one log in to it and it still doesn’t appear to config/disable/enable (Plex server). Any idea