Please Help

I wish i had read the details about the WD Drive unlock software before I bought my external My Passport hard drive.

I’m under the impression that there is no way to remove this annoying software even with a reformatting.

What I’m not understanding is that when I look at my windows 10 directory I see 2 entries for CD Drive (i) wd drive unlock.exe.

I have to click both of them to be able to open the passport drive.

Why is it listed on my CD drive?

How do I remove the extra copy?


Google … Disable/Hide Virtual CD (VCD)

It can’t be Removed, only Disabled/Hidden.

It can be done either via Software or Windows 10 Device Manager

Thanks Joey

here is what I am referring to

Thanks for your response. Yes, It was my fault for not researching it further before purchasing it. I was blinded by the price and the storage capacity!

I’ll try out your suggestions. Much appreciated.

Maybe you can help me again. For some reason I can no longer see the 2 WD unlocker drives (?) in my win 10 directory. Now I can not access the drive at all.

I didn’t uninstall anything. How do I even find the exe file?

Thanks for the info. Solution one and a reboot did the trick.