Virtual CD for My Passport Ultra [WDBZFP0010BL-03]

After formatting my external Harddrive - My Passport Ultra , i cannot find the Virtual CD which is used to unlock the drive. I cannot find it on WD Support Page. Can anyone please help me find the Virtual CD file and also it would be really helpful if anyone could tell me how i could install it.

Thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t be able to delete I by formattingt, it’s supposed to be a separate read-only partition. Formatting the drive should just do the (main) storage area on the MP, so it’s strange where your VCD has gone.

Anyway what you can try is the Virtual CD Manager software (download it here) and see if that allows you to re-enable the partition (it can also be used to hide it). I think you can also maybe do the same using Smartware (I recall reading that somewhere), but it’s not something I’ve ever tried.