Please Help Sync not working with iphone and ipad

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a 2TB My Cloud and I tried syncing my photos from my ipad and iphone and it worked. Now when I take pictures from these devices they are not showing up in the folders I created. How do I enable the backup so the new pics show up automatically?


Hi there,

You need to use the WD My Cloud app (available through the Apple Store) and setup the backup settings on your phone.
For assistance on how to set it up properly, you can contact WD Support.

I tried all of this and it still is not working properly also when I delete a photo it will re appear for some reason.

  1. The My Cloud mobile app for iOS will only auto backup to the folder it’s configured to backup to.

  2. The My Cloud mobile app for iOS will only auto backup when the app is opened
    IE: take new photo’s and open the app to trigger the auto backup

Do you mean that if you DELETE the photo from your iPhone / iPad Camera Roll that it reappears in the camera roll?

I have the app set up on my phone and ipad, I set up auto backup and it worked but i just took a picture and it doesnt show up in the folder right away. Pictures i took yesterday are showing up.

I figured out the deleting the photo issues.