Auto sync with apple devices

Wd my cloud can it auto sync photos? The app works well with my android device when on wifi but does not seem to work on iPhone or ipad, I have tried using sync software but this is really hit and miss, and now have many duplicate files, any ideas if this function also works? And how it can be done?

Also does wd have software to search for duplicate files on the cloud? I can find little software available that would undertake this task on a NAS drive? Any help appreciated

Just read a few previous posts on this matter and it seems auto sync with apple is simply not possible which is madness!, having to use dropbox it’s a pain as I can’t auto sync from dropbox and have to simply upload all, this would be fine but you have to clear all apple devices quickly before dropbox uploads all once again, because wd uploads photos with its own identity it never finds duplicates, which is another massive problem for me

No sync?? Not too good.

Did you know thay Apple uses Microsoft Azure for its cloud services… Interesting.