Please change some things PLEASE

I have just bucked out on 6 my cloud home duos for my home and business and I can’t even use basic features from a traditional nas , I’d like to be able to use the console to set user quotas and set limited space they can use on their private partition , id like to be able to encrypt a drive if not link all the drives to create a mesh drive system . I think it would be a great idea to update the firmware to allow you to access your private partition through Mac finder or windows explorer and log in with your email and password you use on the portal so you can at least use the drive on the same network without internet connection PLEASE PLEASE I’ve just spent almost £2000 pound on duo drives for my entire company and home id love to have these features and it would bring the sales so higher because it would contain things it is missing majorly and would be a little more like a traditional nas .

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This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud units which are DIFFERENT then the My Cloud Home Duo devices. See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home Duo.

The My Cloud Home is not a “traditional NAS”. Nor is it a upgrade/replacement for the current single or multi bay My Cloud units, which are basically like traditional NAS boxes.

I never said I didn’t just buy those my cloud home duos I also bought single bay my cloud homes for entertainment systems and plex servers and would like all th features on them as well considering I paid so much . I would like these suggestions to get passed on to someone high at wd supprt

the my cloud home line is not intended for use in a business hence the Home in the name. From the posts here i seriously doubt the home product will be changed to fit your needs. If you want something for the use case you have in mind you should return the home devies and get a normal My Cloud or better yet get one of the NAS devices like the PR2100 or 4100.

Well this forum sub part dose say recommendations and what we would like to see updated I’m not trying to make the product fit to my needs but I think you would be the same in my shoes .

I wish somebody actually took your recommendations seriously and do something about it.

The features you requested are must have features.
if not then WD should start to sell cloud subscriptions instead. what is the point of keeping a device that you can’t even manage and access. can’t really access when there is no internet connection even when it is on the same local network. wow…