Playlists not showing on iPhone/iPad

MyBook Live, Mac running Lion. Moved my iTunes library to MyBook.  On an iPhone & iPad I can access my iTunes media folder. I have listed of artists and when I choose one the album is displayed and then selecting the album lists the songs. There’s no playlists, no artwork, no genres, no way to view by artist or album, just a default listing of artists A-Z. Is all of this normal?

What application are you using to access the library from your Iphone/Ipad? 

The WD 2go app. Is there another app I should be using?

The WD 2 Go is fine. Just keep in mind that this is not a Multimedia type of application, is more of file transfer app, there for you might have some limitations.

There’s different applications that you can use, but to tell you the truth I don’t stream media with my ipod that much. 

Whenever at home I just use the Remote App to access the Itunes Library. 

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Thanks, appreciate your response. So I guess that means the iTunes server on MyBook live is pretty basic. Playing a track on WD 2Go and then having to click on the next track is not that great. I’m wondering what’s the benefit of the iTunes server?

Not the Itune server, more like the WD 2 Go is more a file management app than a media rendering one.