Play from USB source without connecting to internet?

New to WDTV, bought it because of its glowing reputation for handling many filetypes

I’m not interested at all in streaming anything, just want to play media from a My Passport drive connected to a WDTV by USB. 

So, do I need to connect the WDTV to the internet at all? Is a connection or the need to find one an integral part of the functionability? If not, can the search step be skipped or “declined” ?

Maybe it is needed for the initial setup to check for any update, but after that?




You don’t need to connect your WDTV to the Internet in order to play files from a USB drive.

Thanks for this, Hamlet.

That’s good.

I understand that part of the setup/wakeup process/routine is a request to be pointed to a network connection whether via ethernet or detected wirelessly  …  if that isn’t required in order to continue it’s functions, can you tell me how to respond/input/whatever when that step appears wanting a response? 

Answered on this thread: