Connecting Networks--needed?

I got tired of having to wait for the ‘Connecting Networks…’ to finish each time I turned on my WDTV Media Player. So I took out my network info. Then it would not recognize the MP4 files that normally played. I put back my network info and it worked again. So my question is, is there any way to stop it from going through the ‘Connecting Networks’ process? Why do I need a network connection? And, if I took the WDTV to another location, and the network is different or no network, will my WDTV still work or only work with connecting to my network at home?

I did take it to a friends house and, with my network info removed, it would not recognize the MP4 files on my thumbdrive I wanted to play. I don’t need the network because I always plug in my thumbdrive for the MP4 files to play.

A WD Media Player never has to be turned off, mine is on the home network 24/7 and always booted up and ready to play.

The reason you may need the network (other than for accessing devices on your network) is because the WDTV likely needs to access the internet as well.

There is a device I use for “portability” that is a wireless flash drive I have media files loaded on to. I use it mostly for using with an iPhone and iPad to listen to music and watch mp4 videos. It is the Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick – I have the affordable 64GB model purchased from Amazon.

The Connect has another nice feature; it can (with the assist of the iPhone or iPad), detect an Amazon Fire TV or a Chromecast on a wireless network. I have both, so I can beam an mp4 on the Connect to my TV via these devices.

So, if the location you are at has either of these devices on the home network, you could do the same if connected to the same home network. and take along one of these devices to connect to that network and TV and beam video from the Connect. And, leave the WDTV and other thumb drive at home!

Greetings Mike,
We all have different work methods. I understand your needs. But I don’t need or want the WDTV Media Player to access the Internet. It just delays getting access to playing the files.I just want it to play my MP4 files at home and away from my home. So, I still want to know if I can disable its desire to connect to the Internet. And, if I use it away from my home, should it still work since it will not be connected to any Internet?

We are not talking about NEEDS, I told you the media player must access the internet for proper operation, and if I am wrong someone will correct me, politely, of course. Apologies for trying to help and give you a cool suggestion.

Maybe if you do not have the complete user manual you ought to download it from WD Support. It might answer you question better than I did.

Mike, I did go through the users manual and it only shows how to set up the network connection. When you said it ‘may need’ the Internet connection, it did not mean to me that it actually needs to be connected. The manual does not say it must be connected. If you only want to play the videos and images on a connected thumbdrive, I don’t see any reason for the ‘need’ to be connected. For example, what if you brought the WDTV Media Player to a meeting that did not have Internet connection? Won’t work?

Right, maybe it won’t work. It connects to the internet for the online content it can access. I do know some people have disconnected the internet connection through a router command, but don’t know how it was done. Search the forum for disconnecting the WDTV from contacting WD updates and you may find the way it was done, but this sill not completely disconnect the internet from it.

Maybe the WDTV you have has a library it always updates, so check to see if that is taking a lot of resources and you can likely stop that.