Play Flash files in HD Media Player


How to play flash file (*.swf) in HD Media Player


G. Prabakar  

I am also getting the same problem ?

Is any body know how to play .flv files using WD TV player ?

Flash is not supported at this time, try to convert it to avi or other supported file.

Me too…   I would like to know if or when firmware/software will be available for WD TV HD  Media Player supporting .flv files. :robotmad:

For me it would be the most important feature, if I manager to find another brand which does support viewing flv files, I would swap in a heart beat!

Not that I want to swap, I love my WD player!

But, flv files are the best for backup and creation of home movies,  they take up so very little space on the hard drive, I can store 1000’s more files on one drive than that of avi format or the like.

Converting flv files to another format just does not work properly, the quality you get after conversion is not worth watching.

flv format is the way to go…

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As other user states, converting to Avi ot mpeg does not work as quality is too poor. When will WD TV Live be updated to allow this, other media players have this option ?

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