Wd live tv - files from flash drive will not play on second wd live tv box

Hi Folks, am very frustrated that downloaded MP4 files on a flash drive will play without any issues on my wd live tv box in the living room, but if I take the drive upstairs to the bedroom, they will not play on my second wd live box. The file can be seen on the drive, as well as all the info for the file, but when I select it to play it attempts to play it and then goes right back to the main menu. My firmware is up to date, I’ve tried rebooting the drive, unplugging it as well and nothing works. Help!

The MP4 problem appeared in 2.02.32. You’re sure that’s the firmware running on both players?

Hi Techflaws,

Actually when I checked my other box I was prompted to upgrade my firmware to 2.02.32 and did so. Now I can’t get them to play on either drive!