Phone Number for Support

I have a problem.  My Cloud is up and running but not backing up.  Tried to enter an email support case.  Get this message–An error was encountered during knowledge base search.  Tried several times.  Always the same.  OK, will go for phone support.  Click on phone support get blank page.  Same thing happens with all links to phone support.  Can anyone provide me with a phone number please.  I need to get my system backing up again.

Thank you,


Hi there, welcome to the communit.

As far as I recall the phone number for support is the US/Canada is 1-800-275-4932

Looks like the WD website is broken

Is giving a blank screen at the moment. The forum layout was messed up earlier, due to a missing ‘WD’ icon for Bill_S… [edit] broken again…

Probably a good idea for a mod to prod someone at WD; a broken ‘support’ page doesn’t send a good message…