Passport Volumes

Not sure what has happened with my Passport portable drive.  I plug it in once a week to run a backup.

It used to work fine and backup my data to one volume, only updating backing up new information.  Now everytime it runs a backup it creates a new volume on the passport drive, duplicating alot of the backed up data…

Needless to say my drive filled up after a couple backups, now I have different volumes on the Passport with some duplicate data and some new data scattered across different volumes.

Anything I can do??


Welcome to the WD Community.

If you are using the backup software that comes with the drive, under the settings tab you will see file history. This allows you to determine how many versions of the files you want to keep on the drive. 

I have confirmed it is only set to 1.

Everything was working fine, there was a software update and now it creates a new volume everytime.