Double backup on My Passport?

Hi I just bought a 4tb MyPassport. I think the software is not very userfriendly, but that is not my point.
I have set my software up so it backups new files on my laptop. I’m a photographer so every time I put new photos on my laptop I want My Passport to make a backup. When I use file browser to look at the content of my My Passport I see the backupped files. But there is also a directory called “History” which seems to have exactly the same files. So it looks like it is doing a double backup??
What have I done wrong and how can I change this?
I’m not a specialsit at this so a simple answer / solutions would be appreciated!
Thnaks guys and girls


On the settings tab you should be able to see a file history option to keep multiple copies of the files in case you need to recover a previews version of the file.

You can change that on the software.

Hi thanks for helping out!
which software would that be?
WD Backup
WD Smartware

The strange thing is that I have both Backup and Smartware installed. (I had a MyPassport drive before owning this new 4 TB one). In WD Backup I can select the directories that I want to backup. I can also set the schedule and start the backup. I can not find the File history tab in WD Backup though.
I can find the File History tab in the WD Smartware app (it was set to 3 and I changed it to 1). I can not start the backup in that programm though. it is greyed out.
Is this normal?
Can I delete the History directories manually?

sorry for bumping this, but sthis is not quite solved yet. Thanks for helping out.