File history in

I bought a new " My Passport" drive a while ago, after having used a Passport external drive for a few years before hand.
I was very happy with the previous software, as it retained separate versions of each file as changes were made to it, in the “WD Backup.swstor” folder - so i could manually open any version of the file that i needed to look back on.
But the new software (1.6.6060) doesn’t seem to do this - i just have the latest version in the “WD Backup.swstor”, and not previous versions. I dont see a way to change the settings for this.

Is this at all possible with the new drive/software - that was extremely useful!

UPDATE: I just found version 1.9.6 on the site here - would this make any difference to the issue above?


WD Backup keeps up to 5 older versions of each file. WD Backup can restore the last 5 most recent version of a file if the file is overwritten or deleted by mistake.

For more information, you can refer the link mentioned below to try finding the previous versions of the same files.

Great thank you – I see the HISTORY folder now

Would have been better to have all current/history files together (as in previous versions of the software) but this works too. Thank you