Creating backup volumes

I have set the number of volumes to backup on my Passport Ultra to 25. But when I do a backup it seems to overlay the existing backup. How do I get it to keep multiple versions of my photos, so I can restore to a previous date easily?

If you are using WD SmartWare to create backups, then the copies will be added once the original files are modified. WD SmartWare will not start over the entire backup X number of times before overwriting old files; it will only add X additional changes after the files are modified.

Thanks for answering. But I did make changes to the files, and I still don’t see more than one backup. When I go to retrieve I was expecting to see more than one volume to choose from, and that is not the case. I am using wd smartware.

Hi @nlbritten.

This is my first post in the community, and I want to improve my understanding about backups, I think your question very interesting, and same as you I would like how to solve this issue. So I want to ask if is possible to make different partitions in your HDD and do one backup for each partition, is this process solve your backup issue?

Looking forward.


it will not show an entirely new volume with file changes (The retrieve volume is used to restore files from another computer). In the retrieve tab, individual file chances will be listed.