WD Backup disk size limit


I am new user of my WD Passport Ultra (new edition). I have installed WD Backup and managed to do a few backups of selected folders. There is one thing that I do not understand. Whenever I do a backup it decreses free space on WD drive by the amount of current backup size. It looks like it doeas not replace files that were changed but simply adds them creating something like file history. 

Is there any way to limit number of backups keept by the drive? I backup 80GB of data. Currently 4 backups ocypy around 170GB on the drive.

Thank you for any help.


I have managed to find this option in WD Smartware documentation.


Page: 67 (Specifying the Number of Backup Versions). Question is whether this option is avaliable in WD Backup avaliable for new WD my Passport Ultra. I think without it it would be hardly usable utility. 

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Make sure you are not creating multiple backups of the same files.

Also by limiting the file history you may limit the amount of space a backup takes.

Thank you. I know the general idea but simply in WD Backup for New WD My Pasport I can not find possibility to change this limit. Link that I have provided refered to WD Smartware not WD backup.

Is this possible in WD Backup?

For anyone with similar problem. I have installed wd smartware and hopefully it supports this option. I really do not understand what is the reason for not providing it in WD Backup. 

is this problem solved in meantime? I have purchased My Passport Ultra and it came with WD Backup. Basically, same problem as described on the top of this page with exception that i Have more files and a disk of 1 TB so after two backups it wont allow third as it says its full. In practice it just copied my entire hard drive twice, i didnt add significant amount of files in between two backups.

thank you for your answers.

Same concern:

  • either you download (or receive with your HD) “WD backup” and then you cannot limited the number of history that you wish. Consequelntly as per other posts, your HD is quickly full. But you can choose exactely the partition of your hard drive that you want to back up

  • either you download “WD smartware”, and then you got the option to limit the number of history but you cannot choose excately the partition of your HD that you want to back up. You can just choose between music, video, documents,…

I still cannot find a sofware from HD which met my requirement. If someone can help me on that topic or give me so insight on othre SW, I would appreciate,