Passport loses ability to update

Passort WBYNN0010BBL on a Windows 10 machine. Worked fine for several months, now is unable to back up files. All boxes grayed out. I updated the software to 1.9.6941, but this changed nothing. What do I do next? Thanks.


You can check the below mentioned link wherein you will be redirected to WD knowledge base article.

First know the reason for error; Local PC Security, Anti Virus, Malware protection and or End Point Protection software may need to be configured to Allow WD Backup.
The My Passport or My Book USB drive is no longer attached to the computer or the drive is not recognized by the computer or WD Backup.

If WD backup is failed to backup the “Files”. Then check this link-

The computer had Norton on it when Passport was working. The only thing I could see to do was tell Norton not to scan the E: drive.

I followed the directions to change WD Backup Drive Helper to start automatically. This did nothing except cause Windows to ask me whether I wanted WD to make changes to my computer when I clicked the WD icon.

WD Backup still asks me to “make sure your drive is connected and accessible.” I think the device has simply stopped working and what I have is an archive of my files as of January 25.