Partition Issue

I did something silly.

My external drive would not power up, why im not sure, but that’s beside the point right now.

I removed it from the case to install into my pc directly to access the data.

For whatever reason, the PC would not read it, and showed it as RAW data in the disc manager.

So… I right clicked and added a partition to it, in the hopes that it would then read the data.

It did not.

Now Im at a loss for what to do. Cant see the contents of the drive when plugged in direct, nor with the USB adapter.


When you opened the drive you voided the warranty. If this was a drive with Smartware the data is hardware encrypted by the board with the USB connector. Raw indicates corruption of some kind. I don’t know what will work now that you partioned it. If the rest of the drive still shows Raw you might have some luck with TestDisk or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard A recovery program like Recuva might work too.