[PACKAGE] NZBGet, a usenet downloader for My Cloud Home


NZBGet is the most efficient usenet downloader.
More info on the official website.
This is a port of the android installer for My Cloud Home.


APK and source can be found at github.


Install the app with the WD developer utility script (this is WD code)
Package name is net.nzbget.nzbget


More info on app building on the developer home page


tfl please explain more about how to install the app. I do not know to much about programming.

In what you give an apk file, Can I install with .apk directly to android device.

If it was installed correctly, It will appear in service of MCH both mobile and browser right?

please help

The MCH is the android device.
You need to run the utility script with python2.7 on the command line.
It will ask your MCH login to find your device, the location of the apk file and the package name.
Then it uploads and installs the apk.
At the end you get a link to connect to the service.
If all went well, this url redirects to http://IPADDRESS:6789 and you can login with nzbget - tegbzn6789

You’ll probably want to pair it with a chrome plugin, a firefox plugin or an android app such as nzbmanager

I’m sorry for the hassle, I hope WD makes it easier soon to test beta packages.

thank for your explain, I will try