[PACKAGE] Duplicati - free backup software to store encrypted cloud backups


Free backup software to store encrypted backups online.

Official website


Uses mono, the synocommunity toolchain and the duplicati synology package (spk).
Thanks to @tonyrayo for the idea & extensive testing.

My Cloud PR4100

For anyone curious as to what is supported (as that was a key factor) currently:

FTP/FTPS (regular non-encrypted FTP/FTP with a layer of SSL)
OpenStack Object Storage/Swift (Used by DreamHost and RackSpace as well as NextCloud and OwnCloud)
S3 Compatible (S3 created by Amazon, an example compatible service would be Google’s Cloud Platform)
WebDAV (An extension to HTTP servers that allowed file upload/download; not generally supported anymore)

The following are proprietary solutions, so I won’t be giving specific examples as it should be in the name):

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon S3
Azure Blob Storage
B2 Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage
Google Drive
Microsoft Office 365 Group
Microsoft OneDrive (Legacy - some users are still on this service)
Microsoft OneDrive for Business
Microsoft OneDrive v2
Microsoft SharePoint (Legacy - some users are still on this service)
Microsoft SharePoint v2


Hi. I have restarted my NAS and my backup configuration (and also an update I applied) is gone. Is there any way to persist the backup configurations at least? The update seemed to be working but that’s not a problem anyway, if it’s lost I won’t update.


I’ll have a look. This is certainly not intended.

Edit: Duplicati has many files around, including a conf directory, but it was not used. I see the DUPLICATI_HOME variable was not set and the settings were stored in a non-persistent directory.
I’ll release a fix later today.

To keep your settings for the upcoming update, disable the old Duplicati and then use the following SSH command.

mv /.config/Duplicati /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/duplicati_conf


Wow, that was fast. Thank you :slight_smile:


I just fixed it after your hint and also upgraded the version of duplicati to v2.0.3.11- Raised a pull request for that so if you want you can just merge my changes and save some time :slight_smile:


Heh great, thanks. I’d tested it quickly but still needed to update the start-stop script.

Version 0.03 is now available. Follow the instructions from a few posts earlier to keep your settings on upgrade!