Alternate backup strategies?

Thank you to WD for trying to help me with my Safepoint issue (OSX Yosemite). It’s still not working - times out constantly.

ANYWAY, while I’m trying to sort out this mess, does anyone have any effective backup strategies that don’t involve Sharepoint? I have a 3TB external ready to go. I just bought DataBackup 3 because it gets great reviews, but of course, it doesn’t like to use virtual volumes (“shares”) as copy sources. 

I can just manually drag the contents of my shares into folders on the external drive, but c’mon… there’s nothing more elegant than this (that can also be scheduled)?

If the “copy sources” are shares that are on the my cloud device, the Safepoint feature can be used to make a backup of the contents of the my cloud shares to a USB drive connected locally to the my cloud.

Or did I misunderstand the configuration of the LAN?  Do the virtual volumes you want to back up exist on some other NAS, not the my cloud drive?

Safepoint is not functioning for me (and my MyCloud), which is why I’m looking for an alternative. I wish it did work - would make things much easier.

Then you want to backup the share(s) on the my cloud from a machine that is mounting the share(s)? I noticed in your OP that you said that DataBackup 3 didn’t “like” virtual shares. So even if they claim to be capable of backing up a share (per web site statements) that there is some issue with that in the real world. I noticed that ChronoSync also makes this claim. Is it your experiece that their claim is also coming up short?

Sorry, I’m not a Mac user so I have no experiece to fall back on with 3rd party backup software for that platform. You’ll have to wait for someone who does to chime in. Other than getting safepoint to work, I’m stumped as to how to backup the my cloud drive if you can’t get software on a system that has the share mounted to recognize the share as a legitimate “source”. Perhaps DataBackup 3 has a forum that you could check for ways to get the backup to work with the my cloud share.

Not to butt in to your discussions with WD, but I hope they at least asked you if your USB safepoint drive was not formatted EXFAT.


Yes, I want to backup the shares living on my Mycloud. Back them up from a machine that sees them (on my local network) and mounts them. And back them up to an external USB (A/C-powered, not bus) drive that is plugged into the MyCloud.

Yes, they asked about formatting. It’s formatted Journaled. It does backup some files, but times out constantly. And the one time I did get it to do an entire sharepoint, it couldn’t locate it afterwards.

I sent DB3 an email - I’ll see what they say. Glad I spent $35 on it.