Reverse safepoint strategy

Hi guys. I need some tips and recomendations.

I already try to use SafePoint a couple of times, but it’s slow, and most of the times, the backup to another PC on my network fails.

And also, looking some many cases of files disappear, i’m looking for a software that I can run on my PC, and it grabs the files from the My Cloud, and copy on a local disk of this PC.

Basically, a safepoint, but managed from the PC.
From time to time, I can use a WOL Script and that software to backup the new files.

Any recomendations about software or limitations ?

Thanks !

You have plenty of choise of Sync software. The trick is to verify it supports network drives, or mapped drives as source or destination. I use SyncBack SE (there is a free version).

Nice… Im testing it right now.

Ugly interface, but seems to work.