P2P Downloads limit


I just got this fine WD My Cloud EX2.

I have found out how to download a torrent, and then load it to the NAS.

But my issue is that i seems like there is a limit for 10 active torrents, how do i set that limit for 20 or 50 ? :slight_smile:

I hope someone can help.

Martin Sigvartsen.


Not sure if that’s possible. Please note, that allowing more files to download, will increase the traffic on your network and it will slowdown you transfer speed.

Hi Ermorel.

That is correct that the traffic will increase, but when i had my downloads running on my laptop which always were on, i had up to 50 active torrents.

I am running a 60/60Mbit connection, so not a issue here normally. :slight_smile:

So what to do is to install some of the softwares available to the NAS ?

Martin Sigvartsen.