OS 5 Installed by No New Account for OS 5

About a month ago, I had a rocky time trying to install the new OS 5 firmware and things went completely hay-wire when I tried to set up a new account under OS 5. I thought I had managed to migrate my existing account but now, any time I go to the WD site I try to log in, I end up being told that the web site sees the account emails I give it but tells me they are not compatible with a OS 5 device. What can I do to fix this?

BTW, I get can there from the browser using MyCloudPR4100 or the IP addresses that correspond to my NAS. Just don’t want to get bitten down the road.


@RWild66 can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?
Also, the correct login for My Cloud OS 5 is https://os5.mycloud.com

Sorry about the delay and then fat-fingering the reply. Here is the screenshot.

@RWild66 this means there is no My Cloud OS 5 device associated to the account.
If this is the admin user, Disable and Enable Cloud Access. If that does not resolve the issue, System Only Restore is the solution.
If this is invited user, logout of mycloud.com, send the invitation again, have the user check their email and click the Sign In option in the invitation.