One WD My Book 4TB is HALF as fast as the other

Hello, I have two WD My Book 4TB external hard drives. Both have a sticker around the USB cord that says “SS USB 3.0 compatible with USB 2.0”

CrystalDiskMark shows one reading at 115MB/s and the other at 82MB/s

These drives are a few years old. I have recently built a new computer based on the MSI B550A-Pro motherboard. It has USB 3.2 ports as well as USB 2.0. I have tried moving the drives to different USB ports just in case but the one drive is always slower than the other.

BOTH drives report “Gen3 Capability” but only “Gen2 Connection” in the WD Dashboard application.

Ideally I want them running at USB 3/Gen3 but at a minimum they should both run at the faster speed. Any ideas? Do these need a firmware update? And if so, how?

Drive details are the same for both drives:
My Book
Product ID 1230
Firmware 1065