My book duo usb speed question

Hi i just bought a 20tb My Book duo off the WD Online store, I’m currently running it in RAID 0 and i’m only getting about 50mb/s when writing. Also where i want to place the duo, the included USB C to type A cable is not long enough (i need a 6ft cable)

I don’t want to buy the wrong cable so I was doing some research and noticed USB 3.1 GEN 2 cables and they are capable of up to 10gbps whereas USB 3.1 GEN 1 cables are only capable of 5gbps. The cable that actually came with the duo has a sticker on it saying “USB 3 1 GEN 2, 3A”. The product specifications page for the DUO lists the interface as “USB 3.1 Gen 1” and so does the product overview and user manual, there is no mention of Gen2 anywhere other than on the cable.

So my questions are:

Is the my book duo compatible of GEN 2 USB Speeds?

is it a waste of money if it’s hardware related and duo does not support it (but it does have a gen2 cable so not sure how it works?

If the duo doesn’t support gen2, is it something that can be supported with a software update or is it hardware related meaning i’ll never get those 10 gbps speeds?

If i buy a GEN2 cable will i be limited to the 5gbps or will i be able to take advantage of the higher speeds

I also have the same questions. Just purchased the 28TB model. I would hope that WD would shed some insight on this.